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Class Reunion Photo

Saturday Night Class Mug Shot  Yes, it's a guessing game. It's also big, at 2.5MB, 5236 x 1650 pixels.

YouTube has the video that we played Saturday night. And here's another version from Mike McKinney. These are mostly shots taken during the 45th Reunion.

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Facebook Page

If you're a Facebook type, Sue Tacey McGuire has set up a Facebook Group for our class.
or search "Rock Island High School Class of 1966"

Did You Attend Black Hawk College?

Bruce Metzler, Pete Settle & Jan (Ferry) Loomis of Rocky '65 are putting together a list of Black Hawk attendees, and asked to place this on our web site:

"Many members of the RIHS class of '65 continued their education at Black Hawk College. We're working with Ms. Maureen Dickinson, Executive Director of the QC Foundation at Black Hawk to put together a list of alumni from our era at "the Hawk." We're even hoping to form a gathering of BHC alumni -- potentially on Sunday, September 24 on the "new" BHC campus."

"Whether you graduated from Black Hawk, attended there and transferred, or just attended there after high school, we'd like to hear from you. If you're part of the Black Hawk crowd -- or if you know someone who attended Black Hawk between '65 and '67 (whether they're from Rock Island or not), please get in touch with us. Please include contact information and address it to,, or"

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